Lunneys in the News – May 2011

Click HERE to read about Lunneys in the News during May 2011



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2 responses to “Lunneys in the News – May 2011

  1. Proinsias

    Hi worldwide Lunneys. Can I just make a few comments regarding the webpage. Firstly Mhuintir Lúinigh is incorrect. In Gaelic you do not start with a genitive Mhuintir. It can only be Muintir (Gaelic point of grammer). Also Lúinigh should be Luinigh. The family tree is correct, but you are giving the names in the genitive case. You, or someone else, is reading the old manuscripts without regard for Gaelic grammer. Here are the names as found on the website with the correct singular spellings in brackets… Ferdalaigh (Ferdalach), Tendalaigh (Tendalach), Edalaigh (Edalach), Faelain (Faelán), Colmain (Colmán), Muiredaigh (Muiredach). The surname is Ó Luinigh ‘descendant of Luineach.


    Proinsias Mag Fhionnghaile
    Staraí Ó Éireann.

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