School Graduation Time


It’s school graduation time here.  That brings back memories of my own high school graduation 40 years ago.  I was very fortunate to have attended and graduated from a remarkable school, Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire.


Pinkerton Academy is now the largest independent academy in the United States.  The Academy was founded and incorporated in 1814 by Major John Pinkerton and Elder James Pinkerton, "two old-time merchants of Londonderry." The school, which opened its doors to students on December 4, 1815, was founded for the purpose of promoting piety and virtue and the education of youth in science, languages, and the liberal arts.   Today, approximately 3,400 students attend the Academy. The staff is comprised of more than 250 teachers and administrators and 85 support personnel.  The Academy is a private non-profit corporation.  A Headmaster, acting under the direction of a 15-member Board of Trustees, governs the school.  Members of the Board are appointed for life and serve without pay.


One of the unique features of the Academy is its campus setting.  Pinkerton Academy owns over 170 acres of land. The main academic campus contains seventeen buildings on 7 acres.  Immediately adjacent to the main campus, there are 95 acres that contain athletic fields, faculty housing, and farmland. The school also owns a 68-acre wood lot in Chester. NH.


The most important feature of Pinkerton Academy is its program of academic studies, built upon a “traditional” approach to education. Pinkerton has established and maintains an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. Its curriculum, organized around ten major disciplines, is supported by a comprehensive pupil personnel services department, a department of health services, a library department, a special education department and a computer services department. In addition to its strong academic program, Pinkerton is widely recognized as a leader in extra-curricular activities.


Pinkerton’s goal is to adapt to a changing society while preserving the qualities that make the Academy unique. To accomplish this goal, Pinkerton Academy embraces three fundamental principles: 1) The school’s future is built around the strengths of its history and traditions; 2) There is an uncompromised commitment to educational excellence; and 3) There is continuing faith in the democratic way of life. Today, Pinkerton Academy is as strong and vibrant as at any point in its history. Pride, dedication and loyalty, long term trademarks of the Pinkerton community, continue to be the Academy’s greatest strengths.


Pinkerton Academy Website:


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