Taylor Roots

If like me, you’re one of the many descendants of Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney of Easton and Westfield, Aroostook County, Maine (born 1884; died 1958), you may be interested in reviewing the new bio and ancestry for her that I have posted today on this website:
The recorded Taylor ancestry dates back to John Taylor who was born around 1482 in Northumberland, England.  We share common Taylor ancestry with five US Presidents, 4th President James Madison, 9th President William Henry Harrison, 12th President Zachary Taylor, 16th President Abraham Lincoln and 23rd President Benjamin Harrison, and actress Elizabeth Taylor.   Our ancestor Samuel Taylor was the first Quaker Leader in Belgrade Maine.  Our ancestor Elias Taylor of Winthrop, Maine and three of his sons fought in the American Revolution.  Our English Taylor ancestors emigrated to America in 1635 aboard the ship "Truelove". Our ancestor Dr. Rowland Taylor of Hadleigh, England was educated at Cambridge University, was a prominent cleric, and was burned at the stake as a Protestant "heretic" in 1555.

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