Sgealta Mhuintir Lúinigh – The Munterloney Folk-Tales

I got tired of waiting for the "Sgealta Mhuintir Lúinigh – The Munterloney Folk-Tales" to be republished and translated.  So, I posted a rather poorly xeroxed and scanned copy of it on this website.  Now, you can see what ancient Tyrone Gaeilge looks like; although it won’t make any sense to most of you, unless you are a scholar of obscure ancient Irish dialects. 

Even so, it’s rather wonderful that the folklore of our Clan has been preserved in its original form.  You can access the "Sgealta Mhuintir Lúinigh" at the following link:




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2 responses to “Sgealta Mhuintir Lúinigh – The Munterloney Folk-Tales

  1. Packiejoe

    Sgealta Mhuintir Lúinigh keeps sending me to sky drive. What do I do?

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