The amazing Google Earth web experience

If you haven’t tried Google Earth yet, you are missing-out on the most amazing free internet experience available today.  I downloaded the free Google Earth program from: , and have learned how to use some its amazing features.  You can literally travel the world from your desktop. 
To show you how it works, I’ll take you on a visit to one of my favorite travel destinations.  Twenty-five years ago, I spent a few days in the small town of Ronda in Spain.  Ronda is an ancient and spectacular town, dating from Roman times, that sits perched on top of a dizzying tall acropolis.  I thought it might be fun to revisit Ronda on Google Earth.
First, I zoomed in on Spain to get my bearings:

…and then I centered the screen on where Ronda is located, and then zoomed in some more: 

Then I selected the show "YouTube" videos button from the extensive selection of information that is available for display, and then zoomed in some more to see what YouTube videos of Ronda might be available:
Then I pick one of the little YouTube icons, checked its title and description, found out it is a recent walking tour of old Ronda, double clicked, and VOILA…Click on the play arrow to see what I got:
Amazing…both Ronda and Google Earth !


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