I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

That old expression "Be careful what you wish for." certainly applies to my wish for a white Christmas in Maine.  Before I left Florida to fly up to Maine on December 18th, I knew that there was a little snow on the ground.  On Sunday, December 21st, a record-breaking "Northeaster" blizzard hit Maine, leaving over two feet of blowing snow in its wake here.  I spent yesterday, the 22nd, shovelling mountains of snow from the deck, walkway and driveway.  I sure hope that it doesn’t snow again any time soon, because there’s no room left to pile any more snow. 
Yesterday afternoon, we did some last minute shopping at the Maine Mall, which was VERY crowded.  People seemed to be buying…good for the merchants and the economy. 
This morning the temperature was near zero… b r r r r r ! ! ! …so I’m staying indoors where it’s nice and warm.
Have a very Merry Christmas !

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