Our own DaVinci Code

Our Clan’s own "DaVinci Code"


Many of you have probably read “The DaVinci Code”, or have seen the Tom Hanks movie of the same title.  The story postulates that some people alive today are direct descendants of Jesus.  While the book’s proposition that Jesus fathered a child with Mary Magdalene is most probably false (and may be heresy to some), it might surprise you to learn that some very prominent people claim “divine” ancestry. 
In fact, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain claims a divine right to rule, although she usually keeps that particular claim of her’s quite “mum”…no pun intended.  This “divine right of kings” has its origins in a very long-standing claim by most of Europe’s royals to direct descent from the anointed kings of God’s chosen people.  The chart below is the purported pedigree of Queen Elizabeth II supposedly proving (at least from an ecclesiastical perspective) her divine right to rule:

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I have highlighted a portion of that pedigree in pink because that portion of her alleged ancestry is the same for our own clan.  For the most part, the highlighted portion of her ancestry matches the official pedigree of the Gaelic kings of Ireland, and of our clan. The primary difference is that the Gaelic version claims only a matrilineal connection to the Judean royal House of David (Princess Tamar a/k/a Temair or Tara, daughter of Judean King Zedekiah); whereas the Queen’s pedigree also claims a patrilineal line from Judah.

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So if you believe this pedigree (definitely a matter of faith), then we are supposedly distantly related to the Queen and to most of the royals of Europe, and to the prophet Abraham and to Kings David and Solomon of ancient Israel.  Of course, if you go back far enough, everyone is related to just about everyone else.  Modern geneticists have determined that about 80,000 years ago, a great calamity (probably a mega-volcanic blast or meteor strike) reduced the entire human population to only a handful of survivors…and everyone alive today is descended from those few people.  So who knows…maybe we are not-so-distantly-related to those notables. 
Our clan originated approximately 1300 years ago in the northwestern part of Ireland known today as the Barony of Raphoe in County Donegal.  Our clan name Mhuintir Lúinígh” was first styled “Ua Lúinígh” in Irish, and meant “grandson of Lúineach”.  “Lúineach” is an ancient Gaelic warrior name meaning “The Lúin” (used as a man’s name) and “armed”.  “The Lúin” was the enchanted spear of the gods of pre-Christian Irish mythology.  The Irish word "mhuintir" means "people”, “family” and/or “land of”.
The “Lúineach”, after whom our clan was named, was Lúineach mac Gairmlegaigh, a prince of the Cenel Moen tribe of the Tir Eoghain branch of the Northern Ui Neill.  Lúineach was born around 700 AD in the kingdom of Magh Ithe, the mensal lands of the kings of Aileach and Tir Eoghain.  He was a member of Europe’s most ancient royal clan, which had ruled Ireland since its conquest of the island sometime between 1699 and 1000 BC.  Lúineach’s patrilineal ancestry supposedly includes most of the High Kings of Ireland before 466 AD, the kings of ancient Galicia (northwestern Spain and Portugal) and the kings of ancient Scythia (north of the Black Sea); and in addition, through matrilineal lines, his ancestry supposedly includes the Celtic kings and queens of ancient Britain, Scotland, France, the royal House of David, and even some of the Pharaohs of Egypt.
[The pedigree provided below is supposedly the entire official, although largely unproven, patrilineal ancestry of the founder of our clan, Lúineach mac Gairmlegaigh, beginning with the Biblical “Adam”.  Lúineach is recorded as being of the 100th generation in descent from Adam.  The dates given for individuals are based upon the timeline published by the “Four Masters” Irish annalists in the early 17th century. The pink colored entries correspond to the similar portion of the Queen Elizabeth II pedigree.]


1.       Ádhaimh (a/k/a Adam of the Bible)

2.       Set (a/k/a Seth)

3.       Enos

4.       Canein (a/k/a Caidhoinan)

5.       Malaliel (a/k/a Malalel)

6.       Íareadh (a/k/a Jareth)

7.       Énoc (a/k/a Enoch)

8.       Mhatusalem (a/k/a Matusalem)

9.       Láimeic (a/k/a Lamhiach)

10.     Nóe (a/k/a Noah of the biblical flood)

11.     Iafet (a/k/a Japhet or Jafeth)

12.     Magog

13.     Bathothaigh (a/k/a Baoth or Baath)

14.     Feaniosa Fearsuidhe (a/k/a Feinius Farsaidh or Fenius the Antiquary), King of Scythia

15.     Niúl (a/k/a Nial, who was married to Scota, daughter of Pharaoh Cincris of Egypt)

16.     Gaoidhil Ghlais (a/k/a Gaedheal Glas or Gael, who married the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh)

17.     Easru (a/k/a Asruth)

18.     Srú,

19.     Eimearscait (a/k/a Eibhear Scot or Heber Scot)

20.     Beódhmain (a/k/a Beoghaman or Beman), King of Scythia

21.     Ághmoin (a/k/a Oghaman), King of Scythia

22.     Táidh (a/k/a Tait or Tat), King of Scythia

23.     Aghnomhoin (a/k/a Agnon)

24.     Láimhfhinn (a/k/a Laimhfhionn or Lamhflonn)

25.     Ebhearglaidh Fhinn (a/k/a Eibhear Gluinfhionn or Heber Glunflonn)

26.     Adhnoinn Fhinn (a/k/a Adhnon Fionn or Agnan Fionn), King of Gothia (Libya)

27.     Einearglaidh (a/k/a Feibric Glas), King of Gothia (Libya)

28.     Nionuaill (a/k/a Neanuall), King of Gothia (Libya)

29.     Núadhad (a/k/a Nuadha), King of Gothia (Libya)

30.     Allóid (a/k/a Alladh), King of Gothia (Libya)

31.     Earchadha (a/k/a Archaidh), King of Gothia (Libya)

 32.    Deaga (a/k/a Dea or Defhatha), King of Gothia (Libya)

33.     Brátha (a/k/a Bratha)

34.     Breóghain (a/k/a Breoghan), King of Galicia (northwestern Spain and Portugal)

35.     Bile (a/k/a Billius), King of Galicia

36.     Mileadh Easpaine (a/k/a Milidh of Spain, Mil or Milesius, who was married to the  daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh and died circa 1699 B.C.), King of Galicia

37.     Éireiomhóin (a/k/a Eireamhon or Heremon),  King of Ireland (1698-1683 BC)

38.     Írial Fáidh,  King of Ireland (1680-1870 BC)

39.     Eitreóil (a/k/a Eitreol or Ethrial),  King of Ireland (1670-1650 BC)

40.     Foltaigh (a/k/a Follae or Follach)

41.     Tighearnmhais (a/k/a Tighearnmhas or Tighernmas),  King of Ireland (1620-1543 BC)

42.     Enbhotha (a/k/a Eiobiothadh or Eanbhoth)

43.     Smiorghuile (a/k/a Smiorghall)

44.     Fiacha Labhrainne (a/k/a Fiachaidh Labhrainne),  King of Ireland (1472-1448 BC)

45.     Aongusa Ollmhuchaidh (a/k/a Aonghus Olumcaidh or Aengus Olmuchada),  King of Ireland (1427-1409 BC)

46.     Maoin (a/k/a Maen or Maon) or Maoineadhghaidh

47.     Roitheachtiagh,  King of Ireland (1382-1357 BC)

48.     Déin (a/k/a Dian) or Demháin (a/k/a Deman)

49.     Siorna Shaoghlaigh (a/k/a Siorna Saoghlach or Sirna the Long Lived),  King of Ireland (1180-1030 BC)

50.     Oiliolla Olchaoin (a/k/a Olioll Olchain)

51.     Giallchadha, (a/k/a Giallchadh),  King of Ireland (1022-1013 BC)

52.     Nuadhat Finn Fáil, (a/k/a Nuadha Fionn Fail),  King of Ireland (1001-961 BC)

53.     Aodhgáin Ghlais (a/k/a Aodhan Glas or Aedham Glas)

54.     Simoin Bhric (a/k/a Simeon Breác),  King of Ireland (909-903 BC)

55.     Muireadhaig Bholgraidh (a/k/a Muireadhach Bolgrach or Murchad Bolgrach),  King of Ireland (893-892 BC)

56.     Fiachaidh Tholgraidh, (a/k/a Fiacha Tholgrach),  King of Ireland (805-795 BC)

57.     Duach Laghraidh, (a/k/a Duach Ladhgrach),  King of Ireland (747-737 BC)

58.     Eochaidh Bhuadhaigh (a/k/a Eochaidh Buadhach or Eochy Buadach)

59.     Ughaine Mhóir (a/k/a Ugaine Mór or Owen the Great),  King of Ireland and a large part of Western Europe (633-593 BC)

60.     Cobhthaigh Chaoilbhreagh (a/k/a Cobthach Caol mBreagh),  King of Ireland (591-541 BC)

61.     Meilge Mholfaigh (a/k/a Melghe Molbthach),  King of Ireland (522-505 BC)

62.     Iarngléofathaigh (a/k/a Iarraingleo Fathach or Irereo),  King of Ireland (480-473 BC)

63.     Connla Cruaidhchealgach (a/k/a Connla Chaoimh or Conly Caem),  King of Ireland (462-443 BC)

64.     Oilliodholi Chaisfhiacladh (a/k/a Oilill Caisfhiaclach or Olioll of the Crooked Teeth),  King of Ireland (442-417 BC)

65.     Eochaidh Fuiltleathan (a/k/a Eochaidh Ailtleathair or Eochy of the Long Hair),  King of Ireland (412-395 BC)

66.     Aongus a Tuim Teamhrach (a/k/a Aonghus Tuirbheach Teamhrach  or Aengus Tuirmeach),  King of Ireland (384-324 BC)

67.     Eadhna Agharnaigh (a/k/a Eanna Aighneach or Enna the Hospitable),  King of Ireland (312-292 BC)

68.     Labhra Luirc (a/k/a Labhraidh Lorc or Lavra the Fierce)

69.     Béothachta (a/k/a Beothachtach or Beotact)

70.     Blathachta (a/k/a Blathachtach or Blatact)

71.     Easamhuin Eamhna (a/k/a Easoman of Eamhain or Esamon of Emania)

72.     Rónáin Rúaigh (a/k/a Roighen Ruadh or Roignen the Red)

73.     Finnlógha (a/k/a Fionnlogh or Finn Finlogha)

74.     Find (a/k/a Fionn or Finn)

75.     Eochaidh Féidhligh (a/k/a Eochaidh Feidhleach or Eochy II the Gravedigger),  King of Ireland (142-130 BC)

76.     Na Ttri Fhionneamhuina (a/k/a The three Finneamhnas or The Three Finns of Emania)

77.     Luigheach Sreabhnearg (a/k/a Lughaidh Sriabh nDearg  or Lewy of the Red Circles),  King of Ireland (34-9 BC)

78.     Criomhthuinn Nia Náir (a/k/a Criomthann Niadh Nar or Criffan),  King of Ireland (8 BC – 9 AD)

79.     Fearadhaigh Finneachtnaigh (a/k/a Fearadhach Fionn Feachtnach or Feredae the Just),  King of Ireland (14-36 AD),

80.     Fiacha Fionnfholadh (a/k/a Fiachaidh Fionnolaidh or Fiacha II),  King of Ireland (39-56 AD)

81.     Tuathal Teachtmair  (a/k/a Tuathal Teachtmhar),  King of Ireland (76-106 AD)

82.     Feidhlime Reachtmhair (a/k/a Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar or Felim the Lawgiver),  King of Ireland (110-119 AD)

83.     Cuinn Chéadchathaigh (a/k/a Conn Ceadchathach or Conn of the Hundred Battles),  King of Ireland (122-157 AD)

84.     Airt Éinfhir (a/k/a Art Aoinfhear or Art the Lonely),  King of Ireland (165-195 AD)

85.     Cormuic Ultfhada (a/k/a Cormac Ulfhada or Cormac mac Art),  King of Ireland (225-266 AD)

86.     Cairpre Lifeachair (a/k/a Cairbre Lifiochair or Carbry of the Leffey),  King of Ireland (267-284 AD)

87.     Fiacha Sraifthinne (a/k/a Fiachaidh Sraibhthine or Fiacha III),  King of Ireland (285-322 AD)

88.     Muireadhaigh Thire (a/k/a Muireadhach Tireach or Muredach II), King of Connaught and  King of Ireland (326-356 AD)

89.     Eochaidh Maoimheadhoin (a/k/a Eochu Mugmedon),  King of Ireland (357-465 AD)

90.     Néill Naoi Ghiallaidh (a/k/a Niall Naoighiallach or Niall of the Nine Hostages), King of Tara and  King of Ireland (379-405 AD)

91.     Eoghain mac Néill (a/k/a Eoghan), King of Ailech (425-466 AD),  King of Ireland (450-466 AD)

92.     Muireadhaigh mac Eoghain (a/k/a Muiredach), King of Ailech (465-480 AD)

93.     Moen mac Muireadhaigh

94.     Colmain mac Moen

95.     Faelain mac Colmain

96.     Edalaigh mac Faelain

97.     Tendalaigh mac Edalaigh

98.     Ferdalaigh mac Tendalaigh

99.     Gairmlegaigh mac Ferdalaigh, Chieftain of the Cenel Moen and King of Magh Ithe

100.   Lúineach mac Gairmlegaigh (circa 700 AD), common ancestor of all members of the Mhuintir Lúinígh clan and the person after whom our clan was named.


So, this all goes to prove what I have always known: 


Our clan “rules.” (pun intended)


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