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It’s that time of the year when the younger members of our clan are accepting admission to colleges and worrying about how to pay for tuition, books, room and board next semester. Some members of our clan may be eligible for scholarships provided by the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution organizations.

Thomas & Susan Lunney circa 1942

If you are a descendant of Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney and her husband Thomas Andrew Lunney of Easton and Westfield, Aroostook County, Maine USA, and any of their children: John Raymond Lunney, Earl Thomas Lunney, Ellery Lunney, Rita Lunney Benjamin, Mary Lunney Holmes, Alice Lunney Gregory, Leigh Lunney and Boyd Arthur Lunney, then you may be eligible for those scholarships.

In order to apply for the scholarships, contact the nearest chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (men) or the Daughters of the American Revolution (women) to obtain the necessary information and application forms. You will need to provide proof that you are a direct descendant of Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney, along with the following pedigree to prove that you are a direct descendant of Elias Taylor of Winthrop, Maine who died at Fort Ticonderoga in 1777 while serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War:

Susan Martha (Taylor) Lunney was born on July 21, 1884 at Easton, Maine, married Thomas Andrew Lunney on November 11, 1900 at Easton, Maine, and died on January 13, 1958 at Mars Hill, Maine.

Susan Martha Taylor was the child of David Taylor and his second wife Martha Marilla Stevens. David Taylor was born on July 2, 1833 at New Sharon, Maine and died on January 30, 1887 at Easton, Maine. Martha Marilla Stevens was born on May 3, 1855 at Smithfield, Maine and died on January 23, 1914 at Easton, Maine. They married on November 18, 1876.

David Taylor was the child of Isaiah Taylor and Mehibata Pattee. Isaiah Taylor was born on August 29, 1799 at Smithfield, Maine and was buried at Oakland, Maine. Mebitable Potter (or Pattee) was born in 1806 at Smithfield, Maine and died at Smithfield, Maine. They married before 1826.

Isaiah Taylor was the child of Samuel Taylor and Elizabeth Crowell. Samuel Taylor was born on August 22, 1769 at Augusta, Maine and died in June 1856 at Belgrade, Maine. Elizabeth Crowell was born on October 7, 1772 at Belgrade, Maine and died on September 8, 1855 at Belgrade, Maine. They married in 1791.

Samuel Taylor was the child of Elias Taylor and Mary Johnson. Elias Taylor was born on January 16, 1727 at New Bedford, Massachusetts and died on May 29, 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga, New York. Mary Johnson was born in 1730 and died in 1797. They married in 1751.

Elias Taylor, son of John Taylor and Sarah (Cummings) Taylor, was born on January 16, 1726 at Merrimac, New Hampshire and died on May 29, 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga, New York.  He married Mary Johnson of Parson McGreggor’s colony (which settled Derry, New Hampshire) in 1751.  Mary Johnson was born on July 25, 1730, and died on December 5, 1797. Elias Taylor was one of the earliest settlers at Cushnoc (later Hallowell), Maine.  He first settled on Lot #21 on the west side of Kennebec River, prior to 1761, and then settled on Lot #238 in East Readfield in 1771. In the fall of 1776, he enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War, was drafted from Colonel Joseph North’s regiment into the Continental Army engaged for the Town of Winthrop and served in Captain John Mills’ company of Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin’s regiment. Continental Army accounts to May 31, 1777 reported him as deceased.  He died at Fort Ticonderoga, New York of smallpox on May 29, 1777.  The Town of Winthrop, Maine voted to supply the widow Mary (Johnson) Taylor with provisions in the amount of one-half of her late husband’s wages.  Elias Taylor and Mary (Johnson) Taylor had nine children:


1.  Deborah: born in 1752, died in 1754. 

2.  John: born in 1754, died on May 19, 1777 of small pox in military service. 

3.  Sarah: born in 1757, first married David Clark of Hallowell, then married Jeremiah Jones and then married Major William Livermore. 

4.  Mary: born in 1759, married Thomas Hinkley of Hallowell. 

5.  Elias, Jr.:, born on February 21, 1762, was the first white child to be born at Cushnoc, within the present limits of Augusta, Maine.  He moved to Readfield with his father and mother in 1771. He enlisted in the Continental Army on January 1, 1780 from Winthrop into Captain John Blunt’s company. He married Betsey Knowlton in 1782. He and Betsey had six children: 1. Joel (b.1783), 2. Martha (b.1785), 3. Sarah (b.1787), 4. Betsey (b.1789), 5. Elias III (b.1792) and 6. John (b.1795).  Elias Taylor Jr. was a Calvinist Baptist minister and the first pastor of the South Church, Rockwood Corner, Belgrade.  He received a military service pension from the US Congress on July 23, 1832, died on January 19, 1845 at Belgrade and was buried at Woodside Cemetery at Belgrade. 

6.  Anderson: born in 1763, married P. Pease. 

7.  Joel: born in 1765 at Belgrade, Maine and had 9 children. 

8.  Anne: born in 1767 and married Deacon Nathaniel Blake. 

9.  Samuel: born in1769 and married Elizabeth Crowell.



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Records of Mary Augusta (Taylor) White (a/k/a Mrs. Alton L. White), a member of the Kussinoc Chapter D.A.R., Augusta, Maine, National Member Number 164313. Authorities given on Mrs. White’s records are as follows:

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Volume XV, Page 425.

North’s History of Augusta, Pages 444-446.

Lincoln County Probate Records, Page 87.



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