Zachary Lunney’s Wedding on May 10, 2008

Over the weekend of May 9-11, 2008, I had the pleasure of travelling to Jacksonville, Florida to attend the wedding of my brother Tom’s son Zachary Lunney and Allison Cubbage
I travelled to Jacksonville from Ft. Lauderdale on the AMTRAK train, which is the best way to travel these days.  The train is cheap, comfortable, and safer than driving, and has large, comfortable, reclining seats, a club car for cocktails and snacks, a dining car with table service, and large, clean bathrooms.  At $98.00 for the round-trip ticket, AMTRAK is cheaper than the cost of gas, and sure beats driving for eight hours each way.
On Friday night the 9th, my brother Tom and his wife Barbara hosted the rehearsal dinner at a very fun restaurant venue at the Jacksonville Landing shopping and entertainment complex on the St. John riverfront in downtown Jacksonville.  What a lively place !!!  I’ve been to similar complexes in Boca Raton, St. Petersberg, West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, but Jacksonville’s had the biggest crowd, appearing to have the most fun.  The bandstand in the center of the U-shaped courtyard of the complex featured a great band and canned dance music, along with several cocktail stands.  It was one big dance party under the stars. 
After the rehearsal dinner and dance party, I went back to my hotel a couple of blocks away at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront, which was also a busy place.  The hotel was filled with PGA golfers and fans attending the PGA Championship at the Sawgrass.  The hotel concierge mistook me for one of the PGA Tour Pro’s – now that was flattering!  The rooms at the Hyatt are nothing special, but the views of the St. John River are spectacular, especially at night when the giant bridge across the river is illuminated in electric blue.
On Saturday the 10th, the wedding and reception were held at Christ the King Catholic Church in Jacksonville.

Zachary looked very strapping in his new naval officer dress whites, and of course Allison was a beautiful, petite bride in classic white:

The wedding was a large, formal Catholic mass.  The reception was a rocking party that went on for about five hours.  Thanks to lots of "Gators" present, the reception was a bit like a fun UF frat party.
Of course, Zach’s sister Caitlin Lunney, one of Allison’s bridesmaids, was there…and looking very lovely.  Caitlin graduates from high school this month, and will be attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando in the fall.

After the wedding reception, the newlyweds spent the night at the bridal suite at the Hyatt Regency, and then left the next day for a cruise to the Bahamas.  By now, they’re probably on their way to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where Zach will be posted.  Zach also hopes to go into naval intelligence as a career.  My brother Tom, a retired naval officer, is obviously very proud of Zach.  Allison plans to complete her college education in Virginia.  Zach graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in anthropology, completed his Navy ROTC training, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Navy and got married, all in one week.  That’s a lot of excitement for one week!  Zach’s parents were exhausted too.  

…and yet another new Lunney household is created.
Tim Lunney


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